Redbull Ring

F1 Austrian Grand Prix

30 JUNE 2024 | Redbull Ring, Spielberg, Austria


4 nights at Camping Yellow – Thu 27/06 – Mon 01/07


F1 Belgian Grand Prix

25 JULY 2024 | Circuit Spa-Francorchamps


4 nights at Glamping Green – Thu 25/07 – Mon 29/07


We combine our 30 years of experience in the camping sector and our love for car and motorsport with great pleasure and dedication in GrandPrix.Camp!

With our Front Row Racing Camps we offer the ultimate racing experience for Formula 1 and MotoGP fans. Just like you, we are guests at the GrandPrix locations in various countries.

Collaborations with local parties are the key for us to offer our guests the ultimate racing experience. In Austria we have been guests of the family/owner of Camping Yellow for years. In Belgium this applies to Camping Green.

Thanks to these many years of collaboration, we are able to create a special experience every year, literally front row to the racing spectacle!

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